Saturday, September 28, 2013

22 weeks: keep on keeping on

score study with the big guy

Five months already!  According to my What to Expect When You're Expecting app the baby is going to double in weight by the end of the month.  Woah.  That means I'm going to have to retire my cute skinny maternity jeans soon.  Boo hoo.  

In other news, I'm going to be pretty busy in the next month as I prepare for a gig here in London and then head to Miami to sing with Seraphic Fire for the last time this season!  (I sadly had to cancel my other gigs with them, as I want to be sure this little one is born here in London and not on an airplane!)    

I'm not looking forward to a long plane ride in my condition, but perhaps if I look pathetic enough at check-in they'll upgrade me.  Maybe?  Well, in any case, I'll bring my Kindle, lots of knitting projects and will load my phone with episodes of this American Life.  That paired with the specially requested vegetarian Indian meal and lots of junk food snacks should keep happy . . . even if I am stuck in a middle seat!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

21 weeks: large and in charge

Yes, I know I look enormous.  No, there are not two babies in there.  Or three.  Just one super active little boy!  In fact, he's so active now that I can see my belly moving when he's going at it in there.  Jason felt him moving the other day, but Charlie hasn't yet.  It's only a matter of time as he's a busy little guy.  I find that every time I have a moment to rest, he decides it's playtime.  It hasn't yet gotten to the point where it keeps me up at night, so I'm still treasuring every bump and nudge he gives me.  It really helps ease my anxiety about how he's doing in there!

PS:  Here's what I was up to when I was 21 weeks along with Charlotte!

It's a Boy!

We were so excited to find out our big gender news last week that I completely forgot to put the big news up on the blog!  Charlie is going to have a little brother!  Truth be told, she was a bit heartbroken about it as she was certain that the baby was "a girl called Bee."  Poor thing.  She's warmed up to the idea now and likes to talk to her baby brother and give him kisses.  Sweet thing!  

I've already gone through all of Charlie's baby clothes and dug up anything that was gender neutral.  I thought I had more than I actually do, but I've had a couple of friends offer to lend us some of their things, so that will help a lot.  I also have a friend who has six-month-old twin baby boys so she'll have quite a few things to get rid of as well.  The babe will eventually be sharing a room with Charlie and luckily things are pretty gender neutral in there:  the walls are grey, the dresser is green and the cot/crib is dark wood.  

We also learned from the scan that the baby is nice and healthy and all the organs and the brain look normal.  The ultrasound technician couldn't see the very bottom of his spine (he's sitting too low!) so she booked me in for a follow up scan.  She said there is absolutely nothing to worry about, she just wants to get a good look at the bottom of his spine so she can check it off her list.  Frankly, I'm thrilled to get the opportunity to see him again, so I don't mind one bit!  Maybe this next time we'll get a nice profile picture to share!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

19 weeks: what to wear?

photo taken last weekend

How on earth are we already at 19 weeks?!  This pregnancy has absolutely flown by.  Seriously.  With Charlotte I felt like every week took an eternity and with this one I'm shocked every time I realise another week has passed!

--Those not interested in maternity clothes resume reading at the bottom of the page.--

There isn't much to update except to say that I've nearly grown out of two pairs of maternity jeans. (Though I've  still only gained a pound or two. Odd.)  I swore I wouldn't buy more maternity clothes this time around amd instead only buy things I can also wear post-baby. I have loads of maternity clothes from my sisters-in-law and loads that I bought last time around but I've had give in and update a few items to keep things interesting.  

I'm currently living in these charcoal grey maternity leggings, this dress and this shirt (both non maternity but in larger sizes than I normally wear).  I can easily change it up by pulling a shirt on over the dress to make it look like more of a skirt or can switch things up by adding different cardigans, etc.  But honestly, I don't switch it up as often as I should.  The uniform is comfy as it is and I still feel like myself (which can be difficult to do in maternity clothes).  I also broke down and got another pair of maternity jeans, but hopefully they will get me through to the end!

The other maternity clothes issue I'm currently facing is what to wear for some solo gigs I have coming up.  I have loads of black that I wore for gigs throughout my last pregnancy, but I don't have anything fun and colourful that I can wear as a soloist.  (I sing, by the way.)  My current plan is to wear an empire waisted dress that I have and wear some sort of wrap to hide that I can't zip it up in the back (!).  But the more I think about that, the more I worry that I'll be more concerned about my wrap slipping than singing the right notes!  I could invest in a beautiful maternity gown (like but the thought of buying a dress I can only wear a few times is hard to swallow . . . even thought some of them are really tempting!


Other options would be to rent a dress, buy a used one, etc. but I don't know that I want to be bothered.  I'll probably end up dressing up a long skirt and dressy top (like this gorgeous one I bought to perform in when I was prego with Charlie) with some fun jewellery.  Any other ideas?

--Dad, you can resume reading here.--

The other big news is that we were able to move up the date for the gender scan!  We're setting aside any superstitions and accepted a date for Friday the 13th (ack!).  Jason and I are going to the appointment together.  I wish Charlie could come but she'll be in school!  We'll have to think of a fun way of telling her.  We keep telling her it could be a boy or a girl and but she still insists that the baby is a girl called Bee.  Jason and I both are thinking it may be a boy.  We'll find out who was right in less than a week!  We can't wait!

PS:  Here's what I was up to when I was 19 weeks along with Charlotte!