Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's a Boy!

We were so excited to find out our big gender news last week that I completely forgot to put the big news up on the blog!  Charlie is going to have a little brother!  Truth be told, she was a bit heartbroken about it as she was certain that the baby was "a girl called Bee."  Poor thing.  She's warmed up to the idea now and likes to talk to her baby brother and give him kisses.  Sweet thing!  

I've already gone through all of Charlie's baby clothes and dug up anything that was gender neutral.  I thought I had more than I actually do, but I've had a couple of friends offer to lend us some of their things, so that will help a lot.  I also have a friend who has six-month-old twin baby boys so she'll have quite a few things to get rid of as well.  The babe will eventually be sharing a room with Charlie and luckily things are pretty gender neutral in there:  the walls are grey, the dresser is green and the cot/crib is dark wood.  

We also learned from the scan that the baby is nice and healthy and all the organs and the brain look normal.  The ultrasound technician couldn't see the very bottom of his spine (he's sitting too low!) so she booked me in for a follow up scan.  She said there is absolutely nothing to worry about, she just wants to get a good look at the bottom of his spine so she can check it off her list.  Frankly, I'm thrilled to get the opportunity to see him again, so I don't mind one bit!  Maybe this next time we'll get a nice profile picture to share!

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