Thursday, January 16, 2014

38 weeks: ready and waiting

After hitting full-term last week at 37 weeks, I've been thinking every little thing is a sign that I'm going into labor . . . but given that I am still pregnant, I've been wrong.  I've decided, instead, that I'm probably just going to be pregnant forever.

It's funny how the first eight-and-a-half months have absolutely flown by and now that I'm full-term, the days seem to drag by.  I'm just so anxious to meet this little one!  Instead of focusing on having this baby boy, I've decided to try to focus on spending quality time with Charlotte and Jason until the baby arrives.  And if he comes at 40 weeks then we've timed it perfectly for my mom to come help right after Jason's two weeks of paternity leave ends!  Perfecto.

That being said, Jason and I have made guesses as to when this baby will arrive:

Bethie:  January 16 at 4:03pm
Jason:  January 21 at 9:08am

You may have noticed that my prediction is for today (my dad's birthday!  Happy birthday, daddy!).  Given that I'm still feeling like this baby has settled in for the long haul, I'm guessing Jason is probably going to win this one.  Charlotte arrived at 38.5 weeks, and Jason's guess reflects that (smarty pants).  Clearly we're both optimistic that he'll arrive sooner than later, but who knows.  I could still be blogging about being pregnant at week 42!  (Nooooooooo!)

PS:  Thank you to those asking about gifts for Peter!  As promised, here again is the link to our Amazon wish list for him.  xoxo

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