Friday, August 30, 2013

18 weeks: loosey goosey

How on earth did two weeks pass from my last post?!  I guess time really does fly when you're having fun!

Charlie has lately become even more fun and entertaining to be around and is already shaping up to be a fantastic big sister.  The Belly gets loads of kisses and snuggles and she talks about how she will teach the baby to walk and talk once it comes out of my belly.  Sweet thing.

I've been back to see the midwife and all was well.  I'm also feeling a lot more movement from the baby during the day which is such a comfort.  As far as symptoms go I've been feeling really good!  My food aversions have gone down and I'm eating like it's my job!  Apparently my joints have gone all loosey goosey as I briefly dislocated my knee this morning before it loudly popped back into place.  Ouch.  I was squatting on the floor picking up toys and it just popped out.  It reminded me of how I dislocated my finger shortly after Charlotte was born.  I had to go to an urgent care clinic and get it popped back into place.  Apparently loose joints are caused by a hormone called relaxin that loosens joints and ligaments in the body in preparation for delivery.  Looks like it's already doing it's job!

Still no gender news as my next scan isn't until September 19th!  (Truth be told, it was initially scheduled for Friday the 13th of September, but I rescheduled.  Who knew I was so superstitious!)  If I can't wait that long, the price of getting a private gender scan is now only £40 (as opposed to £80 to get it done before 18 weeks).  There is absolutely no rush to find out, but I sure am anxious to know what we're having!!

PS:  Here's what I was up to when I was 18 weeks along with Charlotte!

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