Friday, August 9, 2013

Anemia? Anaemia? Anenome?

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I have officially hit 15 weeks today!  When I was 15 weeks with Charlotte I was still dealing with major dizziness whenever I was in a grocery store.  Perhaps it was the high ceilings or simply just the large space, but I got dizzy and nauseous whenever I grocery shopped.  I ended up solving the problem by wearing a baseball cap and staring at the floor as much as possible while slow-rolling my cart into whatever lay ahead before resorting to just ordering groceries online!

I haven't had that problem this time, but I have had dizziness.  A lot of dizziness, actually.  Every time I stand up, I get so dizzy that my vision sometimes goes black.  I therefore wasn't surprised to learn after a recent blood test that I am "severely anemic" (or "anaemic" as they write it here).  Oy.  I'm now on iron pills and instructed to consume foods that are high in iron (though apparently not in conjunction with foods that are high in calcium as calcium inhibits the absorption of iron.  Right.)

My neighbour is a natural foods chef and nutritionist and she is popping down tomorrow to chat with me about upping my iron without upping my meat (which currently makes me one to upchuck--unless it were an Arby's Roast Beef sandwich which, sadly, I can't get here).  She said that vitamin C will help with absorption as well, so I also need to up that.  She's going to bring some recipes for me as well.  (I LOVE having nice neighbours!)

PS:  A local private ultrasound company offers 16 week gender scans for £80.  Is it worth it?

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  1. Yes, it is worth it. All your knitting and crocheting friends will know what to make, You will be able to wrap your head around things better and know what color to paint the nursery.
    Julie in San Diego