Thursday, August 8, 2013

Better Late Than Never . . .

When I was pregnant with Charlotte, I dutifully blogged about the pregnancy in detail:  what foods I was craving, where I bought my maternity clothes, there was even a post from the delivery room!  But this current pregnancy, despite being 15 weeks along, hasn't gotten any of that attention.  It isn't because I'm now so busy with a two-year-old that I no longer have time (which would also be true) but because this is actually the fourth pregnancy I've had since Charlotte was born.

We started trying to conceive a sibling for Charlie over a year-and-a-half ago and it has just been heartache after heartache as we lost our three pregnancies all around six weeks.  By the time I was referred to a fertility specialist, I was already pregnant with this current pregnancy, so they couldn't run any tests on me.  The doctor suggested, given that I had one healthy pregnancy already and that I have no other risk factors (smoking, drinking, weight, etc.) that I was probably just unlucky.

Regardless of the reason we lost our other babes, we are thrilled that this current pregnancy is a completely normal and healthy one!  I've already had around four or five scans and have gotten to see the little one wiggling around.  I was also in yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat again.  I'm grateful for all these checkups because it helps me feel less anxious.  Though according to the specialist I saw yesterday, there is no reason I should be anxious about losing this pregnancy given that I'm already in the second trimester.  At this point, we've told all of our family and friends and are enjoying planning and dreaming about the future!

Over the next few weeks I'll try to catch up on what I missed during the first 15 weeks of this pregnancy.  I'll also write about differences between using private healthcare in the US verses the public (and FREE!) care I'm now receiving with the National Health Trust (NHS) here in London.

15 weeks down and 25 to go!

PS:  Here's what I was up to when I was 15 weeks along with Charlotte!

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